Web Site Legal Terms


1. The Web site home page that shows his link under the word Conditions and / or the tagגילוי נאות -
תקנון אתרי האינטרנט של ישראל And received written permission in advance from Disclosure of the Site www.takanon.info to use these regulations as the website's own regulations, will be, subject to the conditions noted above, considered as a website, in accordance with these regulations (hereinafter - "Site").

.2 The site is an online site that offers contents which were released, information, as well as additional content in different fields (hereinafter - "Services"). Services offered on the site are offered subject to the users consent to the regulations above.

3. Do not copy or reproduce these regulations and / or any part of it and do it all without the use of written permission from the copyright owner and rights to property which, of Disclosure and www.takanon.info

The user declares that he has read the rules of www.takanon.info on the explanation page www.takanon.info

4. Use of this website is the user's consent, that he has read all the provisions of these regulations and agreed to it's content, yet not started to browse the another page on this site.

5. Using this site declares that the provisions of these regulations, will settle any disagreements between the parties.

6. The user declares that any event of this nature, shall be entitled to not raise the argument in relation to consent to any terms of the regulations site.

7. Terms and conditions phrased in the language of male only as a convenience, and they treat men and women together.

8. User agrees towards his ISP and / or any third party to provide the company his personal details and correct ways of communication soon as the first demand.

9. These regulations were given the following terms: "Information" or "content" - all the material and / or audio and / or text and / or video and / or information and / or content and / or proposals and / or publication and / or individual and / or information displayed on the site And / or any other media-related company, including words, pictures, painting, drawing, including the design instructions of the above or any concentration of content that had a digital way to create a unique peace. "The Company" - a person and / or body and / or holding company and / or which of them and / or authorized the site's operators. "User" or "surfer" - any person or body and / or factor as they entered the site and / or are on the site.

Terms of Use of content and information

10. The right to use the information on the site is entitled only to the user, the user obligates not to allow the use of any information, whether as in return, and that whether if not, to a third party.

11. The user obligates to use the information service on the site in accordance with the requirements of any law and subject to guidelines and the site and policies.

12. User obligates not to publicize the information and / or any part of it, only under the conditions, as detailed on the site. In addition, the user agrees, that he shall not publicize in public any product and / or output of information, whether it is printed as a or as a report or whether it is given as a file on magnetic methods or in any other form magnetic or in any way, and shall not copy, photocopy, photograph and will not print any product and / or output of information, as stated above or any part of it for distribution or publication in any form. In addition, the user agrees that he will not allow, directly or indirectly, whether as in return , and whether as not, the execution of one or more of these actions described above.

13. It is well known to the user that any replication, duplication, publication, distribution, shipping, broadcasting of the information stored on the site, which was not expressly permitted is prohibited, unless it has accepted the company's prior written consent. (As noted for their consent in writing can turn to, to the legal department of the company by fax: 077-7060059

14. Users and / or surfers approval includes the statement that the information will not be used for purposes of profit or for other commercial purposes and will not be stored on other sites on the Internet, the user obligates not to collect mail addresses from the site and to not make any use that can raise any financial profits as a result of using a mail address which has been published on the site.

15. Sites that will publish content from this site, under the agreement and / or individual consent except for individual these regulations, undertake to receive the companies written approval in advance, and each case will be subject to the provisions of these regulations.

16. The user will not change and / or editing and / or process information.

17. The user is obligated to strictly keep the information and take all precautions necessary to prevent the loss and / or arrival into the hands of another.

Terms and conditions and / or forums and / or adding comments and / or messages

18. The Company may allow the user to participate in forums that it may raise the site, on various subjects, as determined by the sole discretion of the Company as determined from time to time by the Company (hereinafter - the "Forums") including, add comments and / or messages on its behalf and to review comments And / or messages posted by other users (hereinafter - "Messages").

19. User agrees that, in light of the nature of the site, that not necessarily the notification provided and / or held by the company and that they are running in forums as they are (AS IS), without the company looks at their reliability, their accuracy or their correctness and it will not be any responsibility for any discrepancy, Wrong, inaccuracies or for any direct or indirect damage caused as a result of seeing and / or use in forums and / or ads.

20. The user agrees, that messages posted by him will not interrupt any law and / or will not include any material which can constitute violation of proprietary rights of others and / or any pornographic material or Sexual inappropriate and / or liable to harm the public, emotional and / or any material Identifying those relating to minors and / or any material illegal and / or material that encourages, supports, aids, provides instructions on making ID or to perform an act which constitutes a criminal offense by the laws of the State of Israel and / or other sovereign state and / or any material that violates judicial orders or May violate judicial orders and / or liable to harm state security and / or in violation of the provisions censorship and / or any material which constitutes slander or may be a calumny on the person and / or offensive on behalf of his privacyand / or any material that it's publication is prohibited by the provisions of any law and / Or any material that may mislead a consumer, meaning things that the consumer protection law, -1981, or any other law.

21. The user undertakes to compensate and / or to indemnify the company for any expense and / or damage and / or cause her pocket loss due to breach of provisions of these regulations and / or the violation of the Rights of any third party due to advertising messages for him.

22. In case of violation of the regulations provisions, the user agrees to compensate without proof of damages in favor of the company, which will be the maximum amount as stated in commercial injustice law and / or a law prohibiting slander and / or copyright law, and in any case the highest statutory amount in these cases, as the case may be and in accordance with the day of the violation .

23. It is well known to the user, that the Company may edit, alter, amend or delete messages and / or remove messages in their entirety or in part and / or any material or information forums, in its sole discretion is absolutely without giving the message to the user without derogating from any other aid.

24. It is hereby declared that the company may take any action, against a user who will violate any provisions of these means at their disposal under the law and may transfer the information to any factor that could get hurt as a result from the advertised message.

25. The company will have the right to stop the activities and / or active forums without any prior notice and the user would have no claim against the company in this matter.

26. Services offered at this site are -AS-IS. The user agrees, that the company will not deliver any responsibility regarding him in any case and will not be responsible to match the services in according to the users needs and/or purposes.

27. A variety of information is available on the site, which includes articles, images, content, news, maps, articles, charts and data different. The information provided as a service to the user only and may be updated from time to time. The company is not responsible for the essence of the content, quality and / or any negligence or omission which may be in connection with the content and / or content of information and any use that will be made of it. It is strongly recommended for users, prior to rely on information given on the site, to self check the information.

28. The user agrees, that the company, operator of the site and / or its representative will be considered as a reasonable company and / or a reasonable operator, in context, or in any legal test.

29. The site publishes from time to time information that has an economic character. If you want to use that information, you should check the veracity not yet use. The company will not deliver any responsibility for errors and do not apply the information published is a recommendation and / or opinion and any reliance on the information is the responsibility of the user only.

30. The user hereby declares, that it is well known that the company is not responsible for any use he makes, directly and indirectly, in services, and that he is exclusively in charge and full use of all the services that he does.

31. The user hereby declares that it is known that even though the company operates, as far as possible in order to be correct and accurate information as possible, you may apply deficit and / or a mistake or inaccuracy information and / or the communication to the user.

32. The information published on the site and advertisements that show him, let reference sites on the Internet. The company is not in any way responsible for the content of the information displayed on these sites as it could not sound out, quality or reliability of the information on those sites. Any use of the information on these sites will be done on the responsibility of the user.

33. The information published on the site also includes information published by the users. The company is not responsible for information and / or opinion published by users, and those opinions are not on behalf of the company. The company will not deliver any responsibility for information, adds or any bids published by the users or to any result caused by using that information.

34. The company does not undertake, that the use of information on the site will not be interrupted, will be given as usual, without breaks, will be held safely without errors or will be immune from damage, spoilage, errors, or failures.

35. The company, including directors, employees and its representative, will not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user and / or any third party for using the information and / or its content and / or for cancellation and / or termination of services and disruption and/or deficiencies in transferring information, whether intentionally caused by third parties or because of any failure of the perpetrators.

36. To subscribe to it or other services (hereinafter "services") the company may require users to fill out a form, join, according to the instructions that appear on it.

37. Information given by users and other information that will be accumulated about them will be stored in the computerized database of the company and the company will make use of it subject to any law. User hereby grants authority to the company to do everything that is allowed under the law that requires consent.

38. In correspondence to the users ? there is not an obligation to pass out any details, but however the additional services it will not be possible without handing over the details as mentioned in the application form as required fields.

39. The company will be entitled to use the information given by users during their registration services and / or information accumulated about them during using the site, to contact the user and update them regarding promotions on the site and / or information about services offered by the company or by others with whom the company is commercially related to. In addition, the company may use the above information for marketing purposes and / or as part of statistics details gathered by the company for personal use and / or some of the information that is passed on to a third party, in subject that this information will not recognize the user's name or identity information.

40. The user declares that it is known that copyright, patent rights, commercial secrets, rights of ownership and / or use of information, including distribution rights and intellectual property information for the user to belong to the company would have no right to any kind of information that is the use of the information and that is only for the users personal needs.

41. Different parts of this information and some of the pictures are displayed on the site in accordance with agreements between the Company and third parties. The Copyright of these contents and / or images belong to third parties, who have allowed the company to make use of them. Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, market, use or disclose the information to others and / or part of it and / or texts and / or parts of them and / or content and / or some of them and / or photos and / or do them any commercial use Other commercial or not, without obtaining explicit consent from the company, prior written consent.

Virtual shopping mall site

42. The site may be used as an electronic shopping mall or store to purchase products and services by the public online in Israel, among others through participation in the auction and / or group sales and / or sales and other personal and / or through other (hereinafter: "sales") .

43. The Company may allow the user to buy various products and services through the site, on the way for easy, quick, easy and attractive prices, in its sole discretion of the company and to manufacturers, importers retailers operating in Israel. Shop owners, businesses and their operators (hereinafter: "suppliers") offer products and services on Sale in different ways.

44. Advertising that appears on the site for any sale of any kind is not out to give the full details and in every purchase, the user holds out a responsibility to request from the company specified details in advance and in writing sent by Israel post only in any matter related to type of sale, the nature of the auction, and about the nature of the product and features.

45. The user, in any case, will not rely on any advertisement on the site and will be forbidden from raising any claim in this nature in any event which he prevented the to contact to the company for specified details in advance and in writing via Israel post as required above.

46. Immediately after making a purchase the company may make a test of the credit card authorization and order by credit card companies, the company may give an appropriate message that the action was approved or denied. If approved, the order will be registered on the company's computer.

47. The user declares that registration to the website is hereby constituted as an approval to be included in the company's customers list, which includes the distribution of direct mailing of the Company and / or its representative.

48. To be clarified and highlighted that an e-mail transport will not be served as a proof in any way of an action that took place and will not obligate the company and / or suppliers. Registry recorded on a company computer will be the final evidence to the correctness of operations. The user charge for the cost of the product or service acquired by him, to be carried out via credit card, after following the action, but the company is entitled to demand the return in any other forms.

49. The user declares that it is known that each submission of false information Here is a criminal offense and who does so, shall expect legal proceedings for criminal and civil.

50. In the event that no deal has been approved by the credit companies, the user will receive an appropriate message. In order be to complete the acquisition the user will be required to contact the company's customer service center in order to settle the credit company's approval for the purchase. User agrees, that in an occurrence such as that he shall be obligated to the company, regarding to the company, the operation will be valid only after the completion of the credit cards company approval to the purchase.In such a case, the shipping times will be considered only from the approval time achieved by the credit card company. Did not follow the user to arrange confirmation within 7 days after receiving the notice on the company's refusal to grant a permit to make a credit transaction, the suppliers and / or the company are entitled to cancel the order and / Or require the transaction in exchange for any other means of payment, according to the opinion of the company.

51. Whenever a user has requested not to pass the credit card information on the site, but by phone, a company representative is entitled to contact him via the telephone to obtain credit. Regarding the company, the action will be considered as completed only after receiving credit information by the user. In such a case, the shipping times will be considered only from the approval time achieved by the credit card company. Let it be clarified and highlighted that in an event such as listed above, in which the user selected that a representative will contact him by telephone to obtain credit, and the customer has not responded to the phone and / or to e-mail sent by the company within 7 days after referral, the suppliers and / or the company are entitled to cancel the order.

52. The company and / or suppliers will display information on the site, such as the description of the product or service, product price and / or service, responsibility and time of delivery, in connection with their products and services required to display subject to any law. For more information you can turn to suppliers on the phone or via e-mail.

53. The user agrees that the completion of sale by telephone, as stated, it stipulated that the product offered shall exists stock with the vendor during the sale process is completed or coming over in a reasonable time.

54. The company and / or suppliers may, at any time and under the sole discretion, increase the amount offered. As the Company and / or suppliers may extend or shorten the time of sale, at any time, without notice.

55. The user agrees, that a bidder will be considered a winner on sale, only if he followed the instructions according to these regulations, and only after the completion of the check and credit card authorization from your credit card purchase.

56. The Company may at any time to update each other than with respect to any sale on the site in its sole discretion, and with updating the information by the company will be - Additional updated conditions require the parties.

57. The company and / or suppliers (as the case may be) will supply all product acquired by the user at the site in Israel, that was typed by the user while submitting the proposal, and the sale within the presented shipping times mentioned on the products sell page of the, unless otherwise stated on the site.

58. The company and / or suppliers will work to provide the products or services in accordance with the terms of supply mentioned on the products sell page. The company and / or suppliers are committed to supply only products that were fully paid by credit card, as described below.

59. The company and / or suppliers will not be held responsible for any delay in supplying the product and / or non - supply caused by force majeure and / or events which are not under their control, including strikes lockouts, etc., unless otherwise expressly stated on page auction. In any case the company's responsibility of the will be limited in connection with delays, failures or delays in the supply of goods or services purchased on the site as direct damage caused due to an act or omission of the company or its representative in the value would not be able to price the product or service purchased by customers who actually received by the company. The company and / or its representative will not be held responsible and not bear any direct, indirect, special or caused or that might be caused to the user on any delay, delay or failure in providing a product or service - all reasons for the lawsuit alleged the user - including loss of income and / or prevention of profit Cause for any reason.

60. In areas with limited access from a security aspect, the company and / or suppliers may be permitted put to the products to customers instead of near acceptable, which will be coordinated with them in advance.

61. Delivery fees listed on the site are not reffering to to an exceptional delivery. the meaning of an exceptional delivery refers to a dellivery outside of Israel, the site transport to a high story with out an elevator which requires using special equipment or a larger staff. In the case of nonstandard delivery and / or shipping outside of Israel the company and / or providers may charge fees in addition to payment for transport standard charged.

62. The regulations of Israel post or any other body through which the company or suppliers performs the delivery of products or services will apply to all supplies and / or transport the product through the site, will require any user. The user agrees, that all will be done by courier delivery to your home, but in the community, villages, kibbutzim, etc., shall be entitled the company and / or vendor to supply the product to the nearest post office or community office Township, etc., in case such as this the company will notice the clint about such an intension.

63. Delivery and supply times of the goods and / or services as they are noted on page sales include only the deliberation of business days and only days of business will be deliberated. (Days of A to E, not including Fridays, Saturday, and Jewish Festival holidays).

64. Delivery fees can be paid separately or together with the payment for the product. Installment sale, the company is entitled and / or suppliers to back up the shipping rates paid first.

65. Winner of sale or purchase product will be allowed, subject to consideration opinion of the company, collect the product from the supplier if the policy based carrier could be done. Clarify whether the products can be collected directly from the supplier, place & Holidays collection, contact directly the provider that the product was purchased from.

66. The user declares that the collection of the product must take place within 14 business days from the date of approval order. A user who had a winning bid and did not gather the product until the date as stated, the company will be entitled to cancel his bid.

67. during the supply of product, the company and / or suppliers and / or on its behalf are permitted to demand the presence of a credit card owner when handing over the product, and / or presenting an ID card holder's credit card and / or signature of a credit card on a voucher as a condition to deliver the product.

68. The user agrees, that place of the deal, for all intents and purposes, immediately be seen as the seat of the carrier and / or the company, even if selected the client who successfuly bid in a sale or purchased a product, get the product by mail or by courier.

69. In the case of supply of product and / or services that requires registration by the law, the registration will be according to the name of the client, who as registerd to the sale and according to the details provided by him during subscription. Registration of the product or service where the person or entity to another carrier is subject to providers consent. Company can not guarantee that such consent will be given. The user declares, that in the event of a request to cancel the transaction because of corruption including the product or the subject of the contract transaction, or because of disagreement between the product or service and the information provided to the user and product and we'll send it recently, to return the property in his original package, complete and / or No damage and / or corruption and / or corruption of any kind whatsoever Purchased the product supply from him and expense.

If the user / purchaser wishes to cancel a purchase transaction before sending the product and / or making the order, he may do so by means of an appropriate written request by e-mail or through the "contact us" form. Non-written requests will not be accepted.

70. In any case, the user is not entitled to claim a company "osek "according to the Consumer Protection Law.

71. The company may cancel a transaction and / or sale partially or in full.

72. In any case the bill a mistake and fell into a pen, whether if in the price of the product or product description; company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect as a result of the mistake and declare, it is known that there may be errors on the site.

73. The company may cancel any transaction for any reason in its sole discretion at any time that he and including in a circumstances in which it will turn out to the company that the deal or the sale was escorted to illegal activities of winners and / or which of them and / or third parties

74. The stores "or" business "that appear on the site are not owned by the company, that are not operated via the company and they are solely the responsibility of the carrier. Unless otherwise stated, all information displayed on the site and representative for the store structured "or" business ", products and services on display, whether in direct selling or in an auction and / or Group and / or personal, their standard, quality, were provided to the company By their own suppliers and are the sole and full of suppliers and users.

75. The user is obligated to review all the information himself, as stated that he shall not rely on information contained on the site.

76. The Company shall not be liable for content posted on the site via links that lead to other sites accessed through the link. The company does not guarantee that links (links) site will result in the user to an active website active.

77. The company and / or its representative will not be held responsible and not bear any indirect, consequential or special user or caused to third parties, as a result of the use or purchase through the site including the purchase during the process of the auction - which will serve the cause of the lawsuit will be - including loss of income and / or prevention of Profit cause for any reason. The company's responsibility in any case will be limited to return the money which has been paid into the hands of the client only.

78. The Company shall not be responsible for the assembly and / or installation of products purchased on the site, this responsibility is applied to the user and on his expense. Also, the user will be exclusively responsible for the maintenance service which the product requires, and which was purchased by him through the site, unless explicitly stated otherwise in advance on the site.

Contact termination

79. The company will be entitled to immediately block the extent of services and use the services in case of violation of any requirements of any law and / or in violation of these regulations or any other reasonable cause

80. Blocking services by the company can be done by the technology or by sending a letter or e-mail to the user that prohibits him to use the site.

81. The user undertakes to respect the prohibition of the company to browse the site, as far as he will be informed to do so.

82. for the avoidance of doubt, clarified, that the termination of the connection between the parties will not reduce from any obligations of the user, as stated in this policy.


83. Without the right to reduce the company's right to turn to the judicial instance, the user agrees, that any claim or demand and / or a claim against him shall be committed to the company shall be in accordance with policies of the arbitration process.

84. Browsing this website by the user is to constitute a conclusive and is considered the signature on the arbitration agreement, which will require the user.

85. The user agrees in advance to remove any legal claim submitted by him which is not in accordance with the arbitration.

86. Claims and / or requirements and / or claims of user will become clear only through the process of arbitration to be held under the consent of the company , in the presence of an arbitrator that will be appointed by the head of the Israel Bar Association only.

Additional conditions

87. The company and / or its representative reserve the right to change all the provisions and general use of the site from time to time, depending on its sole discretion. Any changes will require the participants, as stated from the moment advertising.

88. The user agrees to review from time to time on policies and changes in it, the user shall be prevented to claim that he has not been updated with changes in regulations.

89. The company will be entitled to collect payments for the services offered on published on the site, on condition that the company had published her intension to do so at least 14 days before the beginning of the collection.

90. The user declares that only the provisions of these regulations will require the parties.

91. The user declares that it is known that there can be a aforesaid on professional advice and / or legal and / or consultation at all.

92. the jurisdiction place in any dispute in any matter relating to services on the site will be the authorized court in Tel - Aviv only, which will sit in justice accordance with the law regarding the state of Israel.